This is a photo collage of our living room. My beloved Crate & Barrel cocktail table holds one of the checkboards. Not so beloved is the futon sofa, but it was cheap when we moved in, and now it's the 'Comfy Red Couch' since I added a red flannel slipcover. The clock above the fireplace was a suprise to Brian, and he promptly named it 'The Big Damn Clock'.

Another collage: The apartment is pretty much all one room. The lamp by the window is the 'Lumiere' lamp I made in school. Yet another checkerboard is over there, too. The yellow wall color started in the kitchen a few years ago, and has now taken over all of the walls. I never realized how many books we had until they started to pile up in the corners of the house, so I built a bench for some of them.




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