This is our main bathroom. The apartment actually has 2 bathrooms, but we use the other one (which is en suite to our bedroom) as much needed storage, so we wouldn't have to pay for a seperate storage unit. It's one less bathroom to clean, too. (Which for me is like, eww.)
Left: This is the second incarnation of this bathroom. It used to be tropical, with hula girls and citrus crate posters, and a hawaiian shirt hung on the back of the door. I changed it a couple of years ago to this, which is more of a spa feeling.
Center: I changed all of the hardware to a chrome finish, including the light fixture. I love this big, double-decker towel rack. The white towels are great, too, and suprisingly easy to keep clean, with a little bleach. I roll them instead of folding them flat for some visual interest. I got a nice white canvas shower curtain with chrome roller ball rings to match everything else, and the rings make a great noise when you open the curtain.
Right: So, the striped walls. The room is a little bit out of proportion, a little too tall for how wide it is, so I painted 8" horizontal stripes in tone-on-tone yellow paint, which was left over from the kitchen. It makes the ceiling feel a little lower. (If you have a low ceiling, do verical stripes instead.) I had to take down some fake grasscloth wall paper (circa 1987) that was literally falling down anyway, and then patch and prime the walls, since they didn't do that when they originally put the paper up. Totally aggrivating. It took like a week to do start to finish (not to mention about a million rolls of blue painters tape) but I adore the way it looks and I'll defintely be doing it again.




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