Behold, the boudoir. The big soft bed was the only thing we bought besides the sofa when we moved in. The 'screens' create a bit of a dressing room and hide our dirty clothes hampers, and a bathroom/ storage unit. I just put some upholstery tacks on them in a diamond shape and then colored them in with a marker. I got the chair at a hotel sale for $2 and then re-upholstered it with a $5 fabric remnant. We used gift money from our wedding to buy the nighstands, star mirror, and chrome lamps. I'm not sure why I picked a purple blanket, but it just works.

Left: We bought this little dresser when we bought the nightstands, and the small size is great for this room. A friend gave me the matching chair when he moved, and all I had to do was re-upholster it. How convienent!
Right: I finally bought a bigger bookcase when the books threatened to take over the entire room. I love that old-fashioned fan!

I just had to throw in some pictures of how it looks at night, because it's so cozy. I used 7 watt night-light incandescent bulbs, and it's the closest thing to candle-quality light without the risk of burning down the entire building that I've found.




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