Ahhh, our kitchen. This kitchen is laid out perfectly, just exactly the right amount of distance between the counters, although I could use about 4 linear feet more cabinets/ counter space, but only because I have a hard time curbing my china & tabletop addictions. We're on our 2nd stove/oven, and our 3rd dishwasher since we've moved in. Luckliy, new appliances come with the rent. The fridge is original to when the apartments were built 19 years ago. I have nightmares that it's going to die and defrost one of these times when we're out of town. I hate that they don't match, but ces't la vie. I bought the kilim in front of the stove when I was in high school, and it still looks fantastic, despite numerous food dropping incidents. You can see the start of my Coca-Cola collection, too.

Top Left: I put this backsplash in over Christmas break one year, mostly bceause I was bored. I was also insane to think that it would be a quick little project. It was cheap, though. To buy quilted steel pre-made costs a fortune, so I used a roll of roofing flashing, and it was $10 for the whole wall. I cut each diamond seperatly and then attached them with a straight pin on each point. It looks fantastically diner-ish, but next time I'll put up the cash for the real deal.
Top Right: To deal with my full cabinet issues, I put up this laminate shelf to hold our driinking glasses. It looks nifty, too. I bought the cake stand on eBay to hold my spices. I need another one to actually hold cake, though.
Bottom Left: I put our silverware out on the counter in big drinking glasses so I could have an entire drawer to house our gadget collection. I like having the S&P out in custard cups so we can season easliy and quickly.
Bottom Right: I've limited my Coke collection to one shelf in the pantry. The Korean can gets the most commments. I love the old bottles, international cans and any advertising that uses the words refreshing, refresh, or refreshed. I even have an old movie poster. We went to the Coke museum in Atlanta for the first time in April, and I had to limit myself to one reproduction bottle, although Trav and Duane hooked me up with some candles that look like paper Coke drinking cups from the 1960's. Score!




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