This is a collage of our office/ den/ guest bedroom. The 'sofa' is two futon matresses combined and then wrapped in a queen sized denim comforter. It folds down to a full-size bed. The little stools were our first dining chairs. I made the shelves above the sofa for our cd's, and no, they're not that crooked in real life. I did the painting when I was doing a few paintings for a friend in the same style and it pulled everyting together so well, that I hung it in here. The wire hearts are also leftovers from another project.

Left: I built these desks based on ones I saw in the Ikea catalog and was unable to purhcase due to their stupid shipping policy. One houses our 'FrankenMac' computer (10yrs old and still going strong!). I put in some shelves for all the computer peripherals and so that the Three Stooges would have some place to live. (They're Bri's most prized eBay purchase. I don't get it, but then, I'm a girl.) I made the roman shades for the windows out of a twin flat bedsheet, and then ended up blocking out the tall window to help with heat absorbtion. When it got so hot a couple of years ago that we lost a hard drive and everything on it because the drive fan couldn't handle it, I knew I had to come up with something.
Right: This is my desk, and believe me, it's never actually that clean. Our friend Trav did the charictures of us. I hung some pictures on a couple of bamboo placemats that I painted white and then wedged the photos between the pieces of bamboo. (I totally borrowed the idea from Suprise by Design.) It looks sharp and is easy to change on a whim. The lamp is one of the $5 ones from Pier One last year. Yes, I have a mild addiciton to magazines that I've been feeding my entire life and I really do use them for design reference. (Really! I'm not just saying that.) I figure I have about two more years before I have to come up with more magazine storage. This TV only gets used when Brian plays Nintendo (an original model, complete with vintage 'MegaMan' stickers and a well worn copy of Spy Hunter), especially since the world's oldest working VCR (it's not Beta, but it's close) finally kaputzed on us.




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